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Research on Core Strength Training of Sports Dance Combining Basic Training of Ballet

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.004


Jia Qi

Corresponding Author

Jia Qi


Core stability and strength training are the necessary stages of sports dance. It is an important means to create competitive results by using the mature training method of ballet basic skills. From the perspective of absorbing the training methods of “core strength” in sports circles, this paper puts forward a series of suggestions on auxiliary training. It can significantly enhance the core strength and self-control ability, and improve the quality of technical action completion. Ensure that the core area plays a role of stabilizing the body and transferring energy, so as to coordinate the whole body and ensure that the action is completed in high quality. It is suggested that ballet movement training be popularized and applied in basic training. In sports dance training, it is necessary to change the normal body posture habits, to achieve free movement of the limbs, to completely control the joints and muscles of the body, and to have strong flexibility and strong strength to achieve dance.


Ballet; Sports Dance; Core Strength