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Analysis on the Dissemination of Chinese Excellent National Traditional Sports Culture under the Background of “the belt and road initiative”

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.002


Zhang Zhen, Zhang Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chen


“The belt and road initiative” is the highest top-level strategy in our country at present. It is highly valued both at home and abroad. It is also the new round of full-scale opening-up that our country will carry out. Strengthening the international dissemination of traditional national sports culture under the “the belt and road initiative” initiative can not only lay a solid social foundation for the countries along the route to carry out in-depth cooperation, but also effectively enhance the cultural soft power of the Chinese nation. This article tries to find out the path of the dissemination of traditional sports culture in China under the background of “one belt and one road” against the dissemination value of excellent traditional sports culture and the development of traditional sports culture in China.


The belt and road initiative; Traditional ethnic sports; Sports culture dissemination