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Research on the characteristics of athletes' physical ability and special physical ability based on Association Rules Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.001


Li Ruibin

Corresponding Author

Li Ruibin


Physical fitness is characterized by physical competitive ability, which is one of the most important structures in the overall structure of athletes’ competitive ability. Regarding the athlete's physical fitness as a system, its structure refers to a fixed and inevitable connection among the various elements that constitute the athlete's physical fitness. Athletes’ physical system is composed of many factors, such as body shape, physiological function and sports quality, which are intertwined and interacted with each other. It is very important to improve the scientific physical training level of our athletes. Good physical fitness can enable them to fully develop their abilities and reach a higher competitive level as soon as possible. Association rules are used to mine the association between test items and further optimize physical fitness test indexes. The comprehensive evaluation of athletes based on physical fitness data is transformed into a classification problem. Using the computer's association rule data processing and database management functions can solve the management problems of athletes' physical fitness test indexes and help coaches to manage athletes.


Association rules; Athletes; Physical fitness; Physical fitness characteristics