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The Effects of P-O Fit and P-J Fit on Turnover Intention

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.25


Qingsong Zhu, Tingting Li

Corresponding Author

Tingting Li


In this paper, we construct a model of the relationship between P-O fit, P-J fit and turnover intention based on the theory of Person-Environment matching, then introduce career growth as mediating variable to discuss the effect of the matching degree on turnover intention. Through the regression analysis of the 183 employee samples obtained, P-O fit and P-J fit both have significant negative predictive effect on turnover intention, and the prediction power of P-J fit was slightly larger than P-O fit. Besides, career growth has a partial mediating effect between P-O fit , P-J fit and turnover intention.


P-O fit, P-J fit, Career Growth, Turnover Intention.