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Innovation analysis of Huian women's dress under modern aesthetic horizon

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.23


Shuyu Lin

Corresponding Author

Shuyu Lin


Huian women's dress is the condensation of Huian women to the natural environment and the unique aesthetic, which is an unique mode of production, social customs and habits, culture and art formed in the process of continuous development and also a manifestation of regional culture in China. However, with the continuous progress and development of our society, the traditional Huian women's dress is changing with the aesthetic consciousness of modern people, which makes it unable to meet the daily needs of modernization of Huian women in the process of development. If the women's dress in Huian is not protected and inherited, it will gradually be flooded by the historical tide in the process of its development. Therefore, in order to further protect and inherit Huian women's dress culture, it is necessary to investigate and understand the aesthetic characteristics of the Huian women's dress and extract the design elements suitable for the modern design from it so that they can be adapted to the modern people's production and life style to achieve the effect of innovation. So, in order to do the related research work well, this article mainly analyzes the language and historical and cultural connotations of the Huian women's dress, the aesthetic commonness between Huian women's dress and modern dress and the innovative way of structure of Huian women's dress under the modern aesthetic horizon. In this way, the development of women's dress in Huian is further promoted.


Modern aesthetics, Huian women's dress, Innovation.