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Study on Competence of SME Managers in Middle Science and Technology Enterprise

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.22


Mingyue Li

Corresponding Author

Mingyue Li


Small and medium-sized technology-based SMEs play an important role in promoting innovation and development in our country. With the development of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, human resource management, as an important function of business management, has become one of the important factors restricting its development. The important reason is that the competence of human resources managers of SMEs in science and technology does not adapt to the rapid development of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to study the competence of human resources managers in SMEs. Based on the in-depth analysis of the competency of competency and human resources managers at home and abroad, this study takes the human resources managers of small and medium-sized technology enterprises as the research object, and takes the methods of literature research, behavior interviews and questionnaires , Empirically explores and studies the competencies of human resource managers in science and technology SMEs. Taking the combination of theory and evidence, this paper discusses the competencies necessary for human resource managers of SMEs to achieve outstanding performance, determines the weight of competency elements through AHP, and finally builds the human resources management of SME Competency model.


Competence, SME Manager, Middle Size Enterprise.