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Study on the Dimension of Tourism Ecology based on the Construction of Beautiful New Hainan

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.18


Yuan Qi

Corresponding Author

Yuan Qi


Hainan Island is China's largest special economic zone, but also an island province, ecological province, in China's tourism resources are not replicable excellent tourism China's tourism resources are not copy of the excellent tourism resources. Hainan international tourism island development strategy to further propose to tourism as a leader of the modern service industry has become an important pillar industry in Hainan economy. Hainan Island tourism planning in ten years to build the world's advanced level of international tourism island, time tight task, is a serious challenge, but it is an opportunity. Therefore, this paper chooses to study Hainan island tourism from the perspective of stakeholders, and to explore the relationship between tourism development model and the realization of interests of various stakeholders, taking Hainan Island as the research object of island tourism development model, and providing scientific decision-making Basis and related countermeasures. This is of great significance to the long-term, coordinated and sustainable development of Hainan Island tourism.


Hainan, Tourism Ecology, Construction Method.