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Analysis of the Construction and Development of Regional Library Consortia

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.15


Rui Wang

Corresponding Author

Rui Wang


The regional library consortia, namely, the regional library consortium, refer to the library consortium jointly established by libraries in a certain region. It belongs to a type of information resource sharing system and its main purpose is to improve the regional informatization to meet the information needs in the development of the regional economy, culture and education, and to realize the co-construction and sharing of various documents and information resources through division of labor and cooperation. The "regional" in the regional library federation has no distinction between big and small. It is only a geographical concept and can theoretically be expanded indefinitely. Strengthening the construction of the regional library alliance undoubtedly can improve the utilization rate of library resources, enhance the basic functions of the library, to meet the reader's spiritual and cultural needs to the greatest extent. The article mainly discusses the construction and development of the regional library alliance.


Regional Library Alliance, Problem Analysis, Development Strategy.