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Innovative Research on Knowledge Service of University Library in the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.11


Yan Hu

Corresponding Author

Yan Hu


It can be said that big data is the product of the development of science and technology and knowledge economy. The analysis of big data can comprehensively reflect the usage habits, laws and periods of users' information, enabling the data analysts to take corresponding measures according to the analysis results. For the university library, under the background of big data, readers' reading habit and reading environment have undergone qualitative changes. Under the new situation and new environment, the university library should give full play to its own advantages of massive scientific and technological literature resources, Data analysis, utilization, development, in order to improve the openness of knowledge and information to further innovate its own knowledge and services to better adapt to the current information environment. Based on the analysis of the relevance between big data and university libraries, this article summarizes the problems existing in the knowledge services of university libraries in the context of big data and puts forward some specific solutions.


Big Data, University Library, Knowledge Service.