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Ecological Landscape Design for the Water Body in the Jasmine Capital of Qianwei County

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.034


Xiaoai Zhang, Qunxian Deng, Zhihui Wang, Xi Li, Liping Liu, Xingteng Wang, Weixin Wang, Yuerong Liu, Xia Li, Huifen Zhang, Xun Wang, Jing Liu, and Haoru Tang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoai Zhang


Water landscape is one of the most important scenes in a park. This paper analyzes the current situations of the water body in the Jasmine Capital of Qianwei, including the water quality, as well as its spatial distribution and changing trend. The design combines the functions of sightseeing and ecosystem construction with water quality maintenance, and integrates ecological construction with combined-flow ecological wetland and water system circulation, in order to achieve the goal of the ecological landscape design of the scenic spot.


Water body; ecological landscape; water system; design