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Functional Transformation and Cultural Reproduction in Old City Blocks

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.028


Liu Zhaohui

Corresponding Author

Liu Zhaohui


In recent years, China has vigorously carried out urbanization construction and continued to expand the construction of extensive cities at a high speed, resulting in waste of urban resources and deterioration of the ecological environment. The break-up development has led to the insufficient maintenance of infrastructure in old urban areas and the decline of residents' living standards. This paper analyzes the old street reconstruction model with complex environment, poor conditions and low starting point, and summarizes the direction theory of urban old district functional transformation. Moreover, this paper points out that the implementation plan should pay attention to the problems faced, and put forward the principle points of the transformation and transformation of the old streets in the city. This will help to study how to use the cultural industry to drive the transformation of service functions in old neighborhoods, turning waste into treasure, and providing a new transformation model that can be referenced.


Old blocks; Urban development; Function transformation; Cultural reproduction; Cultural transformation