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Study on Mechanical and Structural Damage Characteristics of Concrete Corrosion by Acid Solution

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.026


Yu Wenhui

Corresponding Author

Yu Wenhui


Concrete has good plasticity and durability and is an important part of building construction. It is widely used in building structures. However, at present, concrete is applied in construction engineering, and there are still problems of corrosion and weathering, resulting in shortened use of the building structure. To this end, based on the durability of concrete and the theoretical basis of acid solution corrosion, this paper discusses the mechanism of corrosion degradation of concrete by acid solution. On this basis, the damage characteristics of concrete solution to concrete mechanics and structure are analyzed in detail, in order to supplement the research foundation of related fields, and provide reference for the effect of concrete to reduce the corrosion of acid solution.


Acid solution corrosion; Concrete mechanics; Structural damage; Characteristics