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Research on Architectural Design Schemes of Colleges and Universities under the Background of Intensive Development

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.025


Tang Sifeng

Corresponding Author

Tang Sifeng


With the urgent need for talents in China's market, university building planning will become a hot project in China's construction. At present, most colleges and universities are gradually relocating to the periphery of the city, and forming a spacious, connected and composite campus space. However, there are some problems in the land use in the architectural design schemes of various colleges and universities, such as the low land use rate, the formalism of campus layout and the decline of environmental quality caused by large-scale campuses. This paper expounds the principles of intensive design of various types of University buildings, and puts forward intensive design strategies for spatial organization, functional elements and spatial environment.


Intensification; College architecture; Design scheme; Campus planning