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Design of the new comprehensive building of Shanghai Normal University with the idea of environmental co-physiological

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.022


Han Guihong, Wu Wei

Corresponding Author

Han Guihong


The article focuses on material spatial planning on the campus of modern university, the general lack of design expression and internal vitality based on the symbiosis of building and environment based on humanization, combined with the new comprehensive building project of Shanghai Normal University (Shanghai Normal University of Tourism College), from the aspects of spatial planning thinking, road network organization association, spatial aggregation node, To sort out the campus architectural design strategy based on the symbiosis of the environment. It is of great value to explore the construction of the humanities field of university campus, and it is of reference for the practice of university campus planning and construction and decision-making consultation.


Humanities Field; University Campus; Space Planning; Environmental Symbiosis