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Design and Research on the Information Acquisition of Ginseng Ecological Factors Based on Internet Plus

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.02


Hongwei Zhu

Corresponding Author

Hongwei Zhu


Ginseng is a kind of traditional medicines in China, and can nourish and build up the body. Due to the wild resources are scarce, ginseng has been classified as a category of protected herbs by the list of key protection of wild medicinal herbs and animals. In addition, the ginseng has a high requirement of ecological environments, so a blind planting and expansion not only make an unstable quality of ginseng, but also enhance great risks to farmers. Based on the “Internet plus” and the data analysis principle, this paper developed a information acquisition and control system for the whole growth period of ginseng so as to obtain ecological factors in time, and then several approaches were utilized to control the ecological factors to improve the cultivation precision and productions.


Internet plus, Ecological factors, Ginseng, Information acquisition.