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Analysis of Gaeml Architectural Culture Characteristics Based on Drum Tower

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.010


Wen Ting

Corresponding Author

Wen Ting


The beauty of drum tower's plastic arts depends on its exquisite craftsmanship, which is more permeated with profound aesthetic cultural and historical connotations. In addition to building drum tower to ensure its firmness and durability, it pays more attention to the aesthetic effect and condenses the aesthetic cultural connotations. This article not only analyzes the construction structure and material, spiritual and cultural connotation of the Gaeml drum tower, but also focuses on the overall study of the formal beauty, humanistic beauty and artistic value of the drum tower architecture from the perspective of art, so as to enhance people's understanding of the construction art, cultural connotation and aesthetic value of Gaeml drum tower. As a symbolic sample in the Gaeml building, the drum tower is an indispensable cultural field in the Gaeml village. Its ceremonial function and its symbol of the spiritual soul of the Gaeml village make it unique in the village. The cultural value and significance of the grid.


Drum Tower; Gaeml; Construction Art