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Research on risk assessment of subway construction based on triangular fuzzy number and Bayesian network

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.003


Shuai Liu, Jing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Shuai Liu


With the rapid development of subway construction in China, the risk management of subway projects has become a research hotspot. The construction stage of subway project is the risk-prone stage, which is very important to the risk management of the project. The Bayesian network is used to analyze and evaluate the main risk factors during the subway tunnel construction. Its evaluation method and results can provide some guidance for the risk management during the construction. Due to the characteristics of high quality requirements and difficult construction of subway construction projects, there are many potential risk factors in the construction process of subway construction projects and accidents are easy to occur. How to evaluate the risk factors in the process of subway construction more scientifically and accurately has become an important topic in the risk management of subway project. Based on the method of Bayesian network and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, this paper introduces the concept of triangular fuzzy number, and tries to find a risk evaluation method suitable for the subway construction process, to evaluate the risk factors of subway construction.


Subway; Risks; Bayesian network; Triangular fuzzy number