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The Impact of Digital Technology on Landscape Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iclcea.2019.001


Zhang Fen, Zhou Aimin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Fen


With the rapid development of computer information technology, residents' requirements for landscape design are increasing. Moreover, under the influence of digital technology, the designer's aesthetics, landscape space pursuit and thinking association are more abundant and flexible. However, the current landscape design is still mainly in the traditional way, the design can not meet the needs of residents. To this end, based on the analysis of the principles and current situation of landscape design, this paper analyzes the impact of digital technology on landscape design from four aspects. Furthermore, it points out the application path of digital technology in landscape design, including establishing data information base, designing independent digital garden art works, constructing three-dimensional models, and rendering garden landscapes in three dimensions.


Digital technology; Garden landscape; Landscape design; Impact analysis