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Research on Quick Visualization Analysis Model of Power Big Data Based on 3D Scene

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.22


Ma JianWei, Wan HuiJiang, Liang Ling, Jiang Zaineng

Corresponding Author

Ma Jianwei


The ideas based on integrating power big data and visualization, this paper firstly puts forward quick visualization analysis model of power big data based on 3D scene, it designs several levels to realize abstraction in business, engine, computation, control and storage, it integrates the separated power data storage, data mining and analysis, data visualization in the past into the same platform. Secondly, as for real -time rendering problem of large-scale 3D scene of model, this paper respectively visibility exclusion method with high efficiency and quick rendering method with multi-resolution ratio to realize quick construction and rendering in 3D virtual reality scene of power system under big data environment.


Visualization, Virtual reality, Big data, Supercomputing.