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Research on Contemporary Significance of Marx's Political Socialization

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.01


Ma Chuanhao

Corresponding Author

Ma Chuanhao


From the political point of Marxist philosophy to confirm the political philosophy of the provisions of the political philosophy of its focus on practical reality, learn from the essence of traditional Chinese political philosophy, contemporary Chinese political philosophy is of great significance. Through the study of Marx's research on economic problems and the philosophical thinking on some basic economic problems, this article explores the connotation of Marx's economic philosophy, and on this basis, expounds the important significance of Marx's economic philosophy in contemporary times. Marx's thought has the core position in Marx's theory, and runs through all the theories of Marx's philosophy, political economy and scientific socialism. In the contemporary era, Marx's humanistic thought has extremely important theoretical and practical significance, and this idea and its theoretical achievements in contemporary China should be used as the guiding ideology of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Marxism, Philosophical Thought, Contemporary Significance.