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Research on the Formation and Development Mechanism of Innovative Cluster based on Complex Network

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.21


Zha Wei

Corresponding Author

Zha Wei


Formation and evolution of innovative network is the core problem of research on innovative cluster theory, complete comprehension on formation and evolution rule of innovative network has important significance for cultivating and developing innovative cluster. Innovative cluster network is mainly composed of network node and network connection, innovative network structure made by direct or indirect network connection between nodes becomes complicated. Meanwhile, formation and evolution of innovative cluster network is also one complicated process, it is difficult to make clear its formation and evolution process. Scale-free model has growth and preferential connectivity, which can well simulate self-organization evolution process of innovative cluster network. On the basis of completely analyzing connection relation of innovative cluster network, this paper analyzes and demonstrates formation and evolution process of innovative cluster network, puts forward corresponding countermeasure and suggestion according to research conclusion.


innovative cluster network, BA model, Preferential connectivity, Knowledge spillover.