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Research on the Development Status of Green Finance-Based on Interregional Comparison

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.186


Xincheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Xincheng Wang


Green finance was first brought forward in late 20th century and have been developing till nowadays. It is a crucial part of green economy, and contributes significantly to the environmental protection industry, such as promoting the investment and financing activities that can lower greenhouse gas emission. This paper serves as a brief introduction to green finance and contains three parts. In the first part, the definition and the discrepancy between green finance and other types of finance, namely sustainable, environmental, and climate finance, is presented. In the second part, the chronological development of green finance is mapped out concisely. In the last part, some case studies and recent developing situation of a product of green finance, namely green bond, is displayed.


Green Finance; Green Bond; Green Economy