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The Influence of Platform Economy on the Development of Education Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.184


Cai Yudie

Corresponding Author

Cai Yudie


In the era of information explosion, the Internet has transformed various traditional industries. This paper summarizes the current status of platform economic development and draws great changes to the education industry after its reform. Focusing on the increasing promotion of the platform economy, the paper analyzes the changes today’s education industry compared with the traditional education industry. From the time and space, the carriers, and the audiences, the impact of the platform economy on the education industry is found. This paper uses case analysis to explain and explain the tremendous changes that the platform economy has brought to the education industry. From time to time, the education platform changed from offline to online, people's learning time and teachers were more selective. The learning materials on the carrier changed from the original paper version to digital, and the third audience changed from students to all. People with needs have higher acceptance of background and academic qualifications. This paper finds the transformation of the education industry in modern and contemporary times and analyzes the reasons and the role of the platform economy.


Platform Economy; Education Industry; Development