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Research on the Impact of Project Management Scheme Selection on Project Economic Achievements Based on Information Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.183


Gong Yanlun

Corresponding Author

Gong Yanlun


Project management comparison and selection is the basis for achieving project objectives, increasing investment returns and avoiding investment risks, and plays a key role in scientific decision-making of the project. Construction enterprises need to do all kinds of planning work well in the whole project management process, and each planning involves the comparison and selection of various schemes, especially the comparison and selection of technical and economic schemes in the project construction management process. Scientific and reasonable management plan can increase the economic benefits of the project to a large extent, and fundamentally promote the long-term and stable implementation of the project. Based on the whole process of project management information construction, this paper summarizes the rich experience of construction enterprise management information construction for many years, and draws on the excellent scheme of domestic excellent information construction enterprises, in order to provide a reference for construction enterprise management information construction.


Information Construction; Project Management; Case Comparison and Selection; Economic Achievements