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Research on The Development of Yunnan Characteristic Towns in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.182


Wenjun Tang

Corresponding Author

Wenjun Tang


Yunnan's urbanization level is relatively low, and the problem of uncoordinated urban and rural development is quite prominent. In order to solve this problem, in view of Yunnan's numerous nationalities, long history and better protection of various cultural heritages, many small towns have some villages with complete forms, distinctive features and extremely high historical and cultural values. Yunnan Province has called for the construction of characteristic small towns to promote the development of urban construction. In the context of supply side structural reform, characteristic towns have become a new business form of economic upgrading and transformation. Yunnan Province actively promotes the construction of Characteristic Towns in combination with its own location, resource endowment and other characteristics. Se town is an important carrier of national cultural heritage. Through the integrated development of tourism industry and cultural industry, the development of Characteristic Towns in Yunnan and the inheritance and interactive development of national culture, the connotation and extension of characteristic towns have been expanded, and the channels for the inheritance of ethnic culture and the space for the development of ethnic cultural industries have been widened. In the new era, promoting the coordinated development of Yunnan's beautiful countryside and characteristic towns, which complement each other, will help Yunnan's ethnic minority areas to realize the strategy of rural revitalization.


Yunnan Province; Special Towns; Countermeasures