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The Construction of Accounting Information System in Network Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.181


Feng Linlin, Li Yi

Corresponding Author

Feng Linlin


As an information processing and information support system, accounting information systems will be eliminated if they do not satisfy users' information needs well. Therefore, accounting information systems are also developing in the context of continuous changes and survival crises. The rapid development of information technology and its wide application in economic management have provided opportunities and technical support for the reform and development of accounting information systems, providing new ways to meet the information needs of internal and external information users. Therefore, under the network environment, information technology must be used as a platform to reconstruct accounting information systems based on information needs. This article focuses on the theoretical basis for the construction of accounting information systems under the network environment, accounting information system architecture and business data model. This article first elaborates some problems in the process of enterprise accounting informationization construction, and then puts forward a few personal suggestions on how to effectively construct enterprise informatization. The importance of accounting informatization construction to the accounting work, thus giving accounting information construction work Sufficient attention was paid to constantly improving the construction of accounting informationization and improving the ability to construct accounting information, which in turn led to continuous progress and effective development of accounting informationization in China.


Accounting Information Systems; Economic Management; Informationization Construction