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The Research on Evaluation Index System of Island Tourism Sustainable Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.174


Haiyan Jin

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Jin


With the development of the marine economy, the marine tourism industry has also received more and more attention. Island tourism is an important part of the development of marine resources and the development of marine industry. Scientific evaluation and planning of island tourism resources will help improve the quality of island tourism and enhance the comprehensive benefits of islands. At present, there are few studies on the evaluation system of island tourism resources in China, and there is no unified and effective evaluation index system. The island tourism resources are systematically measured from three aspects: tourism resource conditions, regional conditions and location characteristics. At the same time, the evaluation criteria of the corresponding indicators are given, and the evaluation is made by establishing the rating scale criteria and determining the evaluation index weights and establishing a comprehensive evaluation model. The system is operational in the quantitative evaluation of island tourism resources. The island tourism resource evaluation system constructed in accordance with China's national conditions provides the basis for the planning and development of China's island tourism.


Island; Island tourism; Sustainable development; Evaluation indicators; Evaluation system