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The Impact of Controlling Thinking on Rational Behavior Decision-Making in the Process from Entrepreneurship to Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.172


Zerui Wu

Corresponding Author

Zerui Wu


Entrepreneurs need to grow into managers through a series of rational behavior decisions. Managers need more rational behavior decisions to make the company develop healthily. Rational decision-making has a narrow definition and measurement criteria: 1. Based on managers' current assets, assets not only refer to money, but also include physiological state, psychological ability, social relations, and self-perception; 2. Based on the possibility result of selection; 3. The probability theory can be used to evaluate the possibility of the results. 4. Under the constraints of probability, selection result, value and satisfaction, rational selection should have adaptability. As two modes of behavioral decision-making: automatic and controlled depth influence the manager's behavioral decision; automatic thinking requires psychoanalytic judgment, but psychoanalysis is flawed and cannot be quantified, subjective is obvious; control thinking can be based on the possibility of choice As a result, hypotheses are used to verify probabilities and to select adaptive rational decisions. This paper analyzes the influence of control thinking on managers' rational decision-making behavior from multiple dimensions.


Entrepreneur; Manager; Rational; Behavioral decision; Automatic; Controlled; Influence