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Numerical Simulation on Pulse Ⅱ Ignition Transient Characteristics of Double Pulse Motor

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.14


Shan Sun, Xiong Chen, Yingkun Li and Liang Zhu

Corresponding Author

Shan Sun


In this paper, the Ansys Workbench software was used to simulate the fluid structure interaction of the second pulse ignition process in a dual pulse solid rocket motor. The UDF (user define function) was developped through FLUENT software, and the ignition mass flow rate model and the propellant gas adding model during the ignition process were added to the physical model. This paper mainly analyzes the igniter ignition process, propellant surface heat and mass, and igniter propellant gas produced in the layer, interlayer swell and destruction process. The results indicate that the time for interlayer to reach the tensile limit is 1.92ms, and the interlayer failure pressure is 1.44Mpa. The research of this paper provides a reference for the design of the double pulse motor.


Double Pulse Motor, Fluid solid coupling, Solid rocket motor ignition.