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Exploration on the Characteristic Development of Residence in the Context of Integration of Culture and Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.167


Niu Wei

Corresponding Author

Niu Wei


From the perspective of integration of culture and tourism, this paper lists and summarizes the differences between residential and traditional hotels, residential and inn, family hotel and farm music, reflecting the main characteristics of residential characteristics in the process of development. On this basis, the paper analyses and summarizes the three main problems and the reasons behind the rapid development of residential accommodation, summarizes the experience from three perspectives, and gives the scientific normative methods for the development of residential characteristics. With a view to promoting the healthy development of cultural tourism and accommodation tourism, maintaining the unique characteristics of tourist accommodation, and promoting the rapid and sustained growth of tourism economy.


Integration of literature and Tourism; Homestay; Characteristic; Tourism Characterization