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Study on the Practical Application of the Principle of Tourism Market Economy in Regional Research Travel

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.165


Ma Yue

Corresponding Author

Ma Yue


At present, the development of tourism has become an important industry with large scale and strong momentum of development in China. The addition of regional research travel has played a greater role in promoting the tourism market economy and effectively promoted the efficiency of the tourism market economy. But so far, there are still some problems in the tourism market economy of China's regional tourism. Based on this, this paper first gives a brief overview of the principles of tourism market economy, and then analyzes the problems existing in the development of regional research tourism, such as the lack of standardized research travel market, the serious lack of influence of regional research tourism products, and the lack of professional products. Finally, corresponding countermeasures are put forward according to the practical application of tourism market economic principles in regional tourism studies. It provides guidance for the promotion and improvement of tourism market economy in regional research tourism.


Regional; Research Travel; Tourism Market; Economy