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The Applications of Digital Multimedia in Mobile Game

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.13


Tang Qianjun, Zhang Yan

Corresponding Author

Tang Qianjun


With the continuous acceleration of social development, information technology has been constantly innovated and developed. Digital multimedia has become a new form of artistic expression under the background of information technology. It effectively integrates rational and artistic thinking, and exists in all walks of life in a comprehensive way of art. By launching a series of explorations of digital multimedia technology in mobile games, this research gives a brief overview of digital multimedia theory and main artistic features, analyzes the main development process and characteristics of mobile games, and finally explores how to apply the digital multimedia technology to the mobile game more efficiently, to improve mobile games for better production results. This study is expected to provide a theoretical basis for the research and development of mobile games in China.


Mobile games, Digital multimedia, Technical thinking.