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Research on the Development of Domestic Traditional Swimming Industry on App Platform under the Influence of the New Situation of International Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.161


Sheng Jiajie, Fan Chao, Wang Shuxin, Wang Yizhen

Corresponding Author

Sheng Jiajie


In recent years, with the continuous popularization of Internet applications, traditional industries and Internet industries are interdependent and developing simultaneously. In addition, the popularity of smart phones and the rapid development of mobile Internet technology have made app widely used in many fields. Therefore, under the new international perspective, the traditional swimming industry in China should keep pace with the times and complement each other with the Internet plus policy. However, due to the limitations and regional differences of the swimming industry, the development of traditional swimming industry in app platform is not balanced. Therefore, this paper uses the method of comparative investigation to study four popular fitness apps at this stage, and finds that most of the software do not combine the traditional swimming industry with its development, and puts forward corresponding improvement countermeasures.


International vision; Swimming industry; App platform; Strategy research