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Improvement Method of Sports Product Network Marketing Strategy Based on Big Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.154


Cao Fei

Corresponding Author

Cao Fei


The development of Internet and the rise of big data analysis technology have rapidly promoted the popularity of online shopping. In this context, good network marketing of sports products has an important positive significance for enterprises to seize market share and brand building. However, there are many problems in the current online marketing of sports products in China, including the lack of strategic planning for brand positioning, insufficient propaganda of enterprises, and the need to improve the payment platform of online marketing. The prominence of these problems limits the development of sports product network marketing. In this regard, sports products enterprises can carry out new media marketing, and actively build the brand image of sports enterprises. Develop diversified channels of publicity and distribution, and greatly enhance product marketing. Speed up the improvement of payment system, and create a good online payment experience for consumers.


Big data; Sports products; Network marketing; Improved methods