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Research on Competency Model of Chief Quality Officer

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.148


Wan Wei

Corresponding Author

Wan Wei


Chief Quality Officer (CQO) is a new thing for many manufacturing enterprises in China. There is a gap in how to select and evaluate the competency of CQO. This research investigates the selection and assessment of the chief quality officer of BYD Company. Based on the senior management of enterprises and the expert opinions of universities, using the analytic hierarchy process, 10 secondary indicators are set up from four aspects: post leadership, knowledge and skills, personal characteristics and values. Finally, the competency model of the chief quality officer is constructed. . The model can match the performance appraisal data of BYD's chief quality officer and the scoring situation of experts. It has certain practical value and reference value.


Chief Quality Officer; Competence; Model