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A Study on High Precision MEMS-IMU/GPS/Magnetometer/Barometer Integrated Navigation System

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.11


Shiqian Wang, Haitao Qiu

Corresponding Author

Shiqian Wang


Considering the urgent need of low cost, high performance and high precision navigation system, a MEMS-IMU / GPS / magnetometer / barometer integrated navigation system based on DSP is designed. Using the output of MEMS-IMU, we can obtain the carrier's attitude, velocity and position with SINS algorithm. We use a barometer to dampen the inertial altitude path. Then combined with the information of GPS and magnetometer, an integrated navigation algorithm based on Kalman filter is designed, We conduct static and dynamic experiments on the integrated navigation system and the results show that the system can achieve high navigation accuracy.


Inertial Navigation, Integrated Navigation, Kalman Filter.