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Research on the Operation and Management of Smart Hotel Based on Low Carbon Tourism Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.138


Yang Jing

Corresponding Author

Yang Jing


With the improvement of economic level and the improvement of living standards of residents, tourism has gradually become the main way of leisure and entertainment, which has promoted the rise of intelligent hotels. The information age has gradually strengthened global links, and the concept of global village is becoming more and more widely known. Smart hotels in various countries have also ushered in more new opportunities and challenges. By improving the management mode and optimizing the operation mode, the hotel can achieve a good transformation and upgrading. And low-carbon tourism will further promote the transformation and upgrading of smart hotels, so as to better meet the needs of the market. Therefore, the article first elaborates the connotation of smart hotel and smart management, and according to the current main emerging technology, puts forward the perfect countermeasures of smart hotel operation and management.


Low-Carbon tourism; Smart hotel; Hotel operation; Hotel management