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Research on Integrated Optimization Strategy of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Based on E-commerce Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.131


Qi Liu

Corresponding Author

Qi Liu


In recent years, the development of China's e-commerce platform has become more and more perfect, and the degree of integration with various industries has also deepened. The integration of agricultural product supply chain helps to integrate online and offline resources, and promotes information flow, capital flow, logistics, etc. to be more efficient and convenient. However, there are some problems in China's agricultural product supply chain, such as the lack of integration concept, the backward application of information technology, the low degree of organization, and the imperfect construction of logistics facilities, which seriously restricts the optimization of supply chain. In this context, this paper explores the integration optimization strategy of agricultural product supply chain based on e-commerce platform, in order to provide a useful reference for China's agricultural product supply chain optimization.


E-commerce platform; Agricultural products; Supply chain; Integration optimization; Strategy