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Research on Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of Tourism Brand

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.126


Xu Chaohong

Corresponding Author

Xu Chaohong


Tourism is a kind of pre consumption product, which determines that the brand image of tourism products is an important factor for potential tourists to recognize the brand formation in the process of communication, thus generating tourism motivation and finally realizing the travel plan. From the perspective of tourists, brand is an important guide to choose tourism destination. From the perspective of scenic spots, brand is an important means to distinguish its own tourism products from other tourism products, especially the increasingly fierce tourism market. To improve its market competitiveness, tourism enterprises need to create a new brand image and strengthen brand communication. The brand-new market environment and information environment will inevitably give birth to brand-new marketing communication concepts. Integrated marketing communication is a marketing theory emerged and developed in the 1990s. It takes consumers as the center, unifies and coordinates all marketing communication methods, transmits product information to consumers through a unified communication image, promotes two-way communication between tourism enterprises and consumers, and enables product brands to quickly penetrate into consumers' minds. This article mainly analyzes the integrated marketing communication strategy of tourism brands.


Tourism products; Brand marketing; Integrated marketing communication