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Research on Composition and Characteristics of Logistics Capability Based on Customer Value

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.115


Yang Yang, Ruojun Wang

Corresponding Author

Ruojun Wang


It is necessary for logistics enterprises to establish an effective logistics service quality management system based on customer value. Therefore, based on customer value, this paper studies the composition and characteristics of logistics capability. According to the characteristics of logistics enterprises, each level is subdivided into several sub-capability elements. Through the comparative study of customer's expectation value and actual perception value, the connotation, characteristics and design of logistics service quality standards are discussed. The results show that the logistics service provider's logistics capability is mainly composed of five major capabilities: logistics factor capability, logistics management capability, logistics service capability, logistics innovation capability and logistics planning capability. However, domestic logistics companies can only maintain their competitive advantage if they incorporate customer satisfaction into their competitive strategies.


Customer value; logistics; capacity composition