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Research and Application of Physician Evaluation Index Based on Rough Set Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.08


An Song, YunHua Zhang

Corresponding Author

An Song


Physician evaluation is an indispensable part of the resident physicians in their growth process, which is an important means of assessing the physician's comprehensive ability. In the comprehensive evaluation and decision analysis, the correct selection of evaluation indicators is one of the key links, directly affecting the final results of evaluation and decision-making. The traditional evaluation indexes of physicians mainly adopt questionnaire survey method, principal component analysis method and expert advice and so on. This is more subjective and has a great impact on physicians' evaluation. In order to improve traditional physician evaluation accuracy is insufficient, this article embarks from the physicians the large data in the process of growth, the basic data to deal with the noise, and then after the pretreatment of data mining. It is mainly based on the attribute reduction algorithm in rough set theory to study the evaluation indexes of physicians, and evaluate the comprehensive abilities of doctors scientifically and objectively. The experiment shows that this method can improve the accuracy of the comprehensive evaluation of physicians, so it is effective and feasible, and can be popularized in practical application.


Comprehensive evaluation, Evaluation index, Large data analysis, Rough set theory, Attribute reduction.