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Research on the Application of Big Data Based on Core Customers in Regional Brand Marketing

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.110


Guo Xiaoyu

Corresponding Author

Guo Xiaoyu


With the development of digital information technology, the amount of data produced and stored by human beings has shown explosive growth, and people have entered the era of big data. According to the development trend of market economy in China, compared with other brand marketing, regional brand marketing is still in its initial stage in the market environment. Brand analysis based on quantitative consumer information can tap consumer insight, optimize the marketing strategy of enterprises, and communicate with consumers in a personalized way. From a strategic perspective, regional brand marketing will develop in a longer term with the help of big data. Chinese enterprises should establish the correct brand concept as soon as possible, through the implementation of brand marketing strategy, so that their products and brands can stand firm in the country and then go global. Based on the perspective of core customers, this paper focuses on how big data can be used in brand marketing, and looks forward to and reflects on the future of big data in brand marketing.


Information technology; Big data; Market; Regional brand marketing