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Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Development of Rv Camps Based on Tourists'network Comments

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.107


Ma Jiming

Corresponding Author

Ma Jiming


With the development and progress of modern economy, people's living standards and spiritual needs are getting higher and higher. Tourism has become one of the pillars of national economic development. But the development of tourism needs new factors to activate the whole tourism industry. At present, the new direction of the development of tourism industry, infrastructure, public service construction, environmental protection and development is the development of RV camps. However, there are some problems in the development of RV camps in China, such as inappropriate location, inadequate infrastructure, poor operation methods and less functions of RV camps, which hinder the smooth development of RV camps. On the basis of tourists'network comments, this paper evaluates and analyses tourists' attitudes and perceptions of RV camps, and finds out the influencing factors of RV camps'development.


Tourist network comments; Rv camp; Tourism