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Effect of Blueberry Planting on Soil Habitat and Lake Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.07


Xianhua Wu, Yadong Xue, Hong Chen, Yue Wang, Dandan Liu

Corresponding Author

Xianhua Wu


During the dry season in 2014 and the rainy season in 2015, conduct sampling monitoring to the the 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, 6-year period of uncultivated soils, traditional agriculture, newly planted Blue Star blueberry soils and YiJiu blueberry base in the north bank of Fuxian Lake, and the monitoring indicators include soil organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, Hg, Zn, Cd, Pb, Cr and As. The monitoring results showed that there was a risk of heavy metal pollution in soils of different planting modes. The pollution risk of heavy metals in traditional agricultural soils was greater than that of blueberry soils. The main pollutants in blueberry soils were Zn. The main pollutants in traditional agricultural soils were Cd, Pb, Ni and Cu; the TN and TP concentrations in the surface runoff of blueberry plantation area were Grade B in GB18918-2002, the concentration of Cr and Zn in heavy metals was Grade I (GB3838-2002), the remaining heavy metals were not detected, and the water quality was better than the surface runoff in traditional agricultural areas. It was found through the Fuxian Lake sediments survey that sediment Pb, Zn and Cd pollution levels have accelerated the trend.


Fuxian Lake, Blueberry planting, Environmental influence.