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Characteristics of College Students' Group Consumption Behavior and Marketing Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.093


Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Ying Chen


In the process of consumption, college students pursue new trends, fashion and personality. The consumption plan of college students is not ideal, and the phenomenon of blind consumption occurs from time to time. Consumption is impulsive and reasonable. College students'consumption behavior is closely related to their family economic situation. The consumption level of urban students is obviously higher than that of rural students. The consumption level of free art students is only higher than that of science students. The consumption level of girls is slightly higher than that of girls. Dietary intake in daily life is significantly higher than other consumption behaviors. Consumption of electronic products, communications and Internet access has become an essential part of college students'consumption. The strong demand of College Students'consumer groups and huge market potential provide good business opportunities for enterprises. According to the characteristics of College Students'consumption behavior, the corresponding marketing strategies are put forward.


College Students Group; Consumption Behavior; Marketing