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On the Promotion of the Internet Finance to the Change of the Financial Law

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.073


Liu Zhixia, Ren Jianhua

Corresponding Author

Ren Jianhua


As a new and unprecedented financial mode and mode, the evolution and development of Internet finance has greatly changed the structure and system of the whole financial system, including financial format, financial products, risk distribution and the way of competition and cooperation in the financial industry. Internet finance has become the third form of finance. Internet finance is an organic combination of Internet and finance. With the development of economy and science and technology in our country, network finance plays a great role in promoting economic development. Through the Internet, this medium will reoperate and form a new system in the financial field. Surface To the advantages and platforms of big data in Internet finance, financial law not only has a certain impact on finance, but also brings some challenges. It has a great impact on the traditional financial market. Therefore, we still need to constantly improve the financial law in order to deal with it effectively. Through the research of network finance, this paper expounds the promoting effect of network finance on the reform of financial law.


Internet; Finance; Change; Role; Analysis