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Study on the Protection and Activation of Ancient Temple Buildings in Traditional Villages under the Strategy of Vitalization of Rural Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.067


Huiling Lai

Corresponding Author

Huiling Lai


On the basis of architectural history and theory, based on extensive research of traditional villages, this paper focuses on the theory of economic development and the management of government functions, with the protection and development of traditional villages as the center. The government's political, economic and social functions, effective management, effective protection and development of traditional villages, effective protection and sustainable development, in order to promote the mechanism and optimize the strategy were studied. As an important part of traditional culture, ancestral temple culture is intertwined with ancestral culture, national history, regional history, genealogy, and the historical context of Chinese civilization. In 1980, with the end of agricultural collectivization and social and economic development, clans began to revive in rural society. Some families repaired their ancestors'cemeteries, halls and genealogies, and told their ancestors in order to rediscover the basis of identity. The order of social life has an impact on us, so we can not underestimate the identity and cohesion of ancestral temple culture.


Protection and Development of Traditional Villages; Ancestral Temple Culture; Activation