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Construction of Social Governance Model with Multi-Subject Participation

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.061


Cuifang Xu

Corresponding Author

Cuifang Xu


With the development of urban communities in China, the original model of community governance has been unable to better mobilize the power of all parties in the community to carry out community construction and management. The current government-regulated social management model in China is not only high in administrative costs, but also inefficient. Not conducive to the solution of social problems. The pluralistic social governance model indicates that the rational basis of the traditional administrative management system has been broken, and the specific form of this model is bound by many environmental conditions. The pluralistic social governance model is conducive to stimulating the enthusiasm of all members of society and facilitating the orderly participation of citizens. Social management requires diversified innovation, especially based on the formation of current diverse social groups and the strong social vision that it seeks to achieve. It is important and urgent to construct a multi-subject social governance structure and realize a new social management mode. However, at present, the research progress on the model of social governance in our country is relatively slow, and how to realize participatory co-governance among multiple subjects is still in the primary stage of “theoretical construction”.


Multiple Subjects; Consultation and Participation; Social Governance; Construction