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Research on the Development Path of Green Brand in Rural Areas Promoted by Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.058


Sumei Zeng

Corresponding Author

Sumei Zeng


Rural ecological revitalization is an important part of the strategy of rural revitalization. It is of great significance to the sustainable development of agriculture, the improvement of rural living conditions, the increase of farmers' income, and the enhancement of farmers' sense of happiness and acquisition. The process of developing green products is a group activity, which requires the participation of farmers, enterprises and government. The key point is the establishment and effective operation of green products brand. At present and in the future, upgrading the brand value of agricultural products is an important strategic measure to lead the structural reform of Chinese agricultural supply side, help poverty alleviation, promote quality and agriculture, and develop modern agriculture. Characteristic development is an effective focus of green agricultural product brand building, and agricultural informationization is its strong support. Exploring the specific path of brand building is conducive to the further development of brand building of green agricultural products, providing help for the realization of industrial prosperity and assisting the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.


Rural Revitalization; Rural Green Brand; Brand Building