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Research on Enterprise Financial Management and Enterprise Financing Channel

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.055


Jiamian Wu

Corresponding Author

Jiamian Wu


Finance and financing are two important components in the development of enterprises, which are directly related to the sustainable development of enterprises. In the process of enterprise development, there is often a shortage of funds. The shortage of funds is an important problem that perplexes the development of enterprises. Therefore, this paper studies the related issues of enterprise financial management and enterprise financing channels. It also analyses the relationship between enterprise financing and enterprise financial management, and puts forward relevant countermeasures. The difficulty of financing and the amount of money are closely related to the financial management level and ability of the company. It is recommended to break through the financial management bottleneck from the “four high priority”: attach great importance to the creation of corporate credit image. We attach great importance to the diversification of the company's own potential. Attach great importance to corporate financial management. Attach great importance to the construction of business management team.


Enterprise; Financial Management; Financing Channel